Global Health Insurance

International Health Insurance for Expatriates, Visitors, Students, Travelers and Tourist Worldwide

Global Health Coverage Providers

Review and purchase the best global health insurance or travel medical insurance coverage policy from top rated providers in the industry, that offer wide array of plan choices with many featured coverage benefits and options to exactly meet your budget and specific coverage requirements.

If you or a family member or business associate is living abroad as an expatriate in any country or is visiting America or traveling to any international destination, our goal is helping you gain access to a selection of plans offering top quality services for expats, global citizens, foreign visitors to USA or international travelers all around the world, and by helping secure the global health insurance or travel health insurance plan of your choice from one of the top coverage providers to ensure health coverage, medical protect and safety for your peace of mind. From our wide selection of top rated coverage providers, you can find affordable coverage for individuals and families visiting USA or living around the world. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with the proper type of insurance plan that suits their needs and budget, with top-rated policies from the finest companies in the world!

HCC Medical Insurance Services

HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS) is an established company in the travel medical insurance space. A recognized leader in the field of travel health insurance, company offers a complete portfolio of short-term travel medical insurance products fors visitors to USA or travelers going abroad.

International Medical Group

IMG Insurance (IMG) is a worldwide leader specializing in travel health insurance plans. IMG provides non-US citizens visiting USA or other nations, or US citizens traveling abroad, with travel medical insurance plans. Whether you need short-term coverage for visitors, or group coverage for employees in locations around the world, IMGlobal has a product to meet your needs.

Seven Corners Insurance

Seven Corners Insurance (SevenCorners) offers travel medical insurance for visitors to USA or travelers worldwide. The company was founded by travel insurance professionals with a strong commitment to customer service and a belief that the public deserved reliability when purchasing international visitor insurance. SevenCorners plans include Reside, Liaison and Inbound series and much more.

Worldwide Insurance Services

Worldwide Insurance Services (WIS) is a specialty insurer and  helps global travelers and expatriates to identify, access and pay for healthcare, all around the world. WIS offers two leading brands - HTH Worldwide Insurance and GeoBlue Travel Insurance. WIS applies its experience to bring innovative healthcare services and insurance to international travel, expatriate living, study and commerce .

Global Underwriters Insurance

Global Underwriters Insurance (GU) has many decades of experience in the travel health insurance industry, and has established itself as a leader in the development, administration and marketing of travel medical insurance products. GU offer exceptional and affordable travel medical insurance coverage for groups and individuals or families traveling/visiting USA or expats living worldwide.

Travel Insurance Services

Travel Insurance Services (TravelInsure) is an established company offering a spectrum of plans for global residents, new immigrants and visitors to USA, or any other nation. With decades of experience, the company arranges and markets visitor insurance and international medical policies for individuals, families, groups and businesses.

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex Insurance Services is a leading provider of retail travel insurance in North America. Travelex Insurance offer a wide range of travel protection plans that provide travelers with comprehensive coverage through independent travel agencies and tour operators across the U.S., in airports and online.

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