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International Health Insurance

International Medical Insurance

Get online quotes for International Medical Insurance for health protection around the world! Global Health Insurance can help you find affordable coverage for individuals/families traveling to USA or International Health Insurance for expatriates living worldwide. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with the right type of coverage plan that best suits their exact needs and budget, with top-rated policies from the finest insurance companies in the world!

Global Health Insurance which is also referred to as international health insurance or worldwide medical insurance, are health plans providing long-term major medical coverage, no matter where you live around the world. Global health plan typically require medical underwriting to be accepted, these annual term medical policies are renewable, and usually offer comprehensive medical coverage the world over. Low cost versions of these plans with fixed benefits and coverage excluding USA and Canada are also available as essential and affordable value products.

People are increasingly becoming more and more globally mobile, with many individuals and/or families choosing to either to live, study or simply travel abroad for extended periods of time. Further, travel medical insurance does not always provide the coverage they need or expect in short term products that are designed to offer a value in terms of price. While travel medical insurance will usually return the visitors back to their home country to continue treatment once they are fit enough to make the journey back, global health plans will provide robust benefits to international citizens to get the care and treatment in any country that fall sick or become injured. International health insurance plans are designed to cover inpatient treatment check-ups including preventative care and annual physicals, allowing the sick or injured to continue receiving treatment for even chronic conditions abroad.

Expatriate Health Insurance

Expatriate health insurance are basically international medical insurance plans that are designed for expats living and working outside their homeland for longer duration. Health insurance for expatriates typically offer major medical coverage with comprehensive and portable benefits with higher maximums as standard features included in these plans. Expatriate medical insurance plans are ideally suited for expats who are living and/or working in China, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, or any nation abroad for a prolonged period of time. International medical insurance will usually allow you to choose where you have treatment, and these plans typically offer comprehensive coverage at a price to fit various budgets and coverage needs.

Visitor Health Insurance and Travel Medical Insurance

Buying a travel medical insurance plan is the best way for anyone visiting USA, or traveling to any foreign destination, to instantly secure the visitor health insurance policy with medical protection that is absolutely necessary. Typically, domestic health insurance from the travelers home country becomes ineffective when they cross borders. In United States of America or Canada, health care is not cheap and even a minor sickness can leave the visitor, or their sponsors, with major medical expenses to deal with. Serious health emergencies requiring hospitalization in the U.S. can quickly become a financial burden, if without proper travel health coverage. Purchasing a visitor medical insurance policy is highly advised and surely required when you have family members such as senior relatives or elder parents visiting USA, or any foreign nation abroad.

International Student Health Insurance

International Student Health Insurance offering cheap, low-cost, and affordable coverage for international students studying outside home country. Plans by several top rated student insurance providers based in the U.S. featuring good quality student health coverage that meets visa requirements, and exceeds many university or college requirements. Compare, review, quote, apply and buy student health insurance policy today to stay compliant and protected during your course of study.

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