Global Health Insurance

International Health Insurance for Expatriates, Visitors, Students, Travelers and Tourist Worldwide

International Insurance Plans

Global Health Insurance for expats or international citizens and Travel Medical Insurance visitors to USA or travelers around the world. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with the proper type of insurance plan that suits their needs and budget!

Determine your need if you want short term or long term health coverage. If you need longer duration annual coverage, then Global Health Insurance plans meet your needs. If however, you coverage need is for a short period of coverage, then international travel medical insurance plans are the way to go!

Global Health Insurance Plans

Global Health Plans are long-term major medical coverage that provides worldwide health insurance for US citizens or foreign nationals living or working abroad. Plan is ideally suited for international expats living anywhere in the world, overseas workers and business persons.

Travel Medical Insurance Plans

International Travel Medical Plans are best suited for individuals and/or families who are visiting the United States or Canada, or anyone who requires short-term health coverage outside home country. Travel health insurance plans provide the necessary coverage protection for friends and family such as relatives, in-laws, parents visiting USA, or new U.S. immigrants. Plans also offer coverage for US citizens traveling abroad and foreign national traveling outside America also.

International Student Insurance Plans

International Student Health Insurance plans provide students that are pursuing studies in the U.S. on a F1 visa or as an J1 exchange scholar also. Several student medical insurance plans from USA based providers offering low-cost affordable coverage for foreign students studying in any nation abroad

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