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By: Jay | February 19, 2014

Many millions of expats from around the globe choose to move overseas, outside their national borders to live and work abroad on a long-term basis, by holding annual job contracts. Many others move abroad with their family, some prefer to leave their spouse and children back in their home country. Lot of business persons also are living and working overseas for a long-term duration due to enterprise reasons. All this individuals have one requirement in common, a necessity to review and purchase a valid international health insurance for expatriates that covers them beyond their home country national borders.

Most U.S. based plans will not cover Americans living abroad, but expat insurance policy fill this gap. American who are expats abroad need to consider a global health insurance as an option as most U.S. based health plans will typically not cover them overseas. Further, senior US expats who choose to retire in a foreign land will also need the protection of a good expatriate insurance plan as Medicare coverage will not follow them internationally. There are several top-rated US based expat medical provides that offer US-style international health plans for Americans living abroad. These international insurance providers help you manage medical risks overseas by helping pay the claims.

It is quite common for globetrotting executives and workers to be routinely sent overseas by multinational employers. In such instances, their home-country based health plans which they already have will typically cease to be effective outside national borders, and coverage does not travel with them. Also most expats typically do not qualify for the national health plan in the host country, purchasing private global health insurance is the best way to gain healthcare in the host country health system.

In the U.S. where managed care networks are so prevalent, these health systems offer cost savings for the member to get care with a doctor or hospital that is within the PPO network offering lower negotiated rates. Also, PPO networks offer direct billing for cashless claim settlement where the health care provider directly bills the insurance company for care provided. International medical coverage providers have designed expat health insurance plans to overcome these short comings by creating their own plan referral networks of doctors, hospitals and medical professionals in many countries around the globe. Even if these overseas networks do not offer lower negotiated rates as they typically do in the U.S., they ease medical billing by offering direct electronic billing capability.Expatriate insurance policies can help you when it comes to finding the right medical providers for the requisite care needed overseas. In addition to establishing direct-pay relationships with these caregivers, the insurers have ad hoc international networks that provide a local physician referral service that can prove invaluable for expats who may not even speak the local language in some instances.

International health insurance for expatriates   offer a full-featured U.S.-style health insurance policy with worldwide medical coverage with local referral and billing networks. Global health plans can include coverage for a medical evacuation for treatment back in the U.S. or the in the desired home country, with medical evacuation options, in case the expat is very badly injured or become seriously ill while overseas.   With the increase in medical tourism these days, expat health insurance is suitable for medical tourists need to have health care treatment or surgical procedure performed abroad. This way, the expatriate can take advantage of the huge cost savings available for similar treatment or surgery outside the individual home country. Expats and others residents of U.S. or U.K. or other nations can purchase a global health care policy giving the option to go cheaper overseas destination such as such as India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. where costs are lower for similar surgery or treatment.

Finding and applying for the best suited expatriate health insurance requires studying all the aspects of coverage benefits and claims handling, and must not rely only on the quoted premium rates. This might involve researching the   global health coverage providers   and the varied benefits their plans offer, and required based on the health insurance requirements native to each destination country. It is prudent to do all your research much before you actually relocate abroad, and enroll in a plan that best suits your exact needs, and is within your prescribed budget.   GlobalHealthInsurance.Net   has several international medical plans that offer top-rated coverage and quality health protection, at affordable rates.